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life experiences and insights

Mr. TrueLove has drawn inspiration from his love of both words and music from a very young age and pours that inspiration into everything he does. He has been writing poetry for more than 20 years and is proud to have the ability to share his life experiences and insights with those around him through his published works.


The Intimate Journal of Mr. TrueLove

The Love Life is a look inside one man’s passion for life and love. The works are based on his own personal revelations and encounters but largely include works based on the thoughts, questions, and ideas of a man experiencing both. Journey with him and experience the heart of a man.

The Love Life is available in paperback on BookLogix, as well as Amazon Kindle and Nook ebook platforms.

Spoken Word Romantic Poetry Book The Love Life
Are you ready for the ride?
Keisha 5 Stars
A Great Book About Love, Life, Hurt, and Happiness.
PCEddie 5 Stars
A Must Have For Those That Believe In Love!
Angela Waiters 5 Stars


The estimated release date for this EP is late October 2017, following a listening party in Greensboro will on October 14, 2017. Contact Mr. TrueLove for more information.

Enjoy the TrueLove Experience at home, in your car, or anywhere you like with the upcoming release of Hear I Am. This EP provides a glimpse of the TrueLove Experience, with 5 unique tracks offering a harmonizing blend of music, vocals, and spoken word poetry meant to introduce the world to the poetics of Mr. TrueLove.

Song Titles:

  1. Mr. TrueLove
  2. No Other God
  3. Better for You
  4. The Barbershop
  5. Show Me (What It’s Spose to Be)
  6. How

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