The TrueLove Experience

If you’re interested in a compelling and thought-provoking experience for your event, poetry slam, or workshop, the TrueLove Experience could be just what you’re looking for.

This unique experience consists of Mr. TrueLove himself performing live tracks from his five-song EP titled Hear I Am, which includes self-written spoken word poetry backed by live musicians and backup vocalists.


The TrueLove experience is designed to provoke, entertain, lift, and enlighten your audience with a perfectly blended harmony of words and music meant to speak to your soul. This emotional experience has a way of reaching the listener’s heart, compelling them to share and learn about one another. You’ll think, you’ll talk, and you’ll be left wanting to interact and know more about Mr. TrueLove.

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Weddings, Private Parties, Spoken Word Events, Workshops, Men’s and Women’s, Conferences, Relationship Retreats/Workshops, Youth Conferences, Poetry Slams, Concerts.

The TrueLove experience is the perfect addition to add depth and meaning to your wedding, concert, or relationship retreat. Schedule the TrueLove Experience for your next event. Contact Mr. TrueLove for rates and pricing options.

Customized Poetry

the perfect piece to truly reflect feelings of love and emotion you’ll want to remember

Sometimes during a moment in your life you feel emotions and sensations you can’t quite express with simple words alone. Commemorate your special occasion with a custom poem designed to capture those moments and immortalize them in words written just for you. A customized poem adds a layer of depth and personality that makes any occasion much more special.

When you commission a custom poem from Mr. TrueLove, he’ll work with you to put together the perfect piece to truly reflect feelings of love and emotion you’ll want to remember forever.

Custom pieces are typically a one-piece performance designed to enhance the event and not detract from the event itself. Pieces can be purely spoken word, or accompanied with the option of either a musical track recording or live musicians and backup vocalists.

Workshops With Mr. TrueLove

These workshops are designed to promote self exploration and a deeper level of understanding. In them we’ll work together to explore self expression, creativity, understanding, and self-reflection and identity.

Available Workshops

Dispelling the Myths: Unlocking Your Greatness

You may face dysfunctional social stereotypes that could be holding you back from unlocking the true greatness within you. In this workshop we’ll examine falsehoods of character and learn to identify and overcome the stumbling blocks barring you from success.

Engaging Engagement: Deeper than the Surface of the Matter

This co-ed workshop is designed for couples approaching the possibility of marriage. Marriage isn’t magic, so join us as we go beyond the dating game to explore roles and expectations, how to decide whether or not to be married, and what happens after “I do.”

A Father’s Heart

Explore the many joys as well as hardships of fatherhood/being a father in this workshop that takes a refreshing look at what it means to be a Father. Together we’ll examine the challenges of fathering when there has been no father, walking in his shoes, and learning what it means to love your family and yourself.

I Was the Little Boy Who Waited

This workshop is designed for male teens and young men who are growing up in today’s society without a father and are experiencing the fatherless effect. This workshop will foster brotherhood, support, and help participants begin to build a bridge to mend the gap between brokenness and wholeness.

Being Poetic

Are you ready to unlock the doors of self-expression? Discover your inner poetic voice and learn to stand and deliver that voice to the world in this poetry workshop.

The TrueLove Experience

It was a pleasure and an honor to have Eugene B. McCorkle III, read from "The Love Life". Every individual in attendance was able to relate to the words that were spoken, and because of this, the evening was beyond successful it was a magical evening that no one will ever forget!
What the world needs now is love, sweet love. And this collection of love poems by Mr. True Love gives you a great perspective of what love can and should be. This book was great and I enjoyed reading it!
Don Robinson, Jr.

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