The TrueLove Experience

a moving and inspiring spoken word performance like nothing you’ve ever heard before

Mr. TrueLove is a spoken-word poet who has taken his love for words and music to a whole new level by combining them into the TrueLove Experience, an emotional performance designed to inspire. You can join the experience by booking or attending one of his spoken-word performances and workshops in the Greensboro, NC Triad Area, or by purchasing copies of his publications online. Mr. TrueLove will also travel to conduct workshops. It’s guaranteed to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

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Meet Mr. TrueLove

we invite you to check out the TrueLove Experience

Mr. TrueLove, also known as Eugene B. McCorkle, III, was born in Winston-Salem, NC. Although he grew up in a loving home, supported by his mother and three sisters, he faced many oppositions and challenges in his life.

He discovered a passion for words at a young age, drawing inspiration from artists such as Edgar Allen Poe, and later Paul Laurence Dunbar. His life was also greatly impacted by his love of music, and he began singing in his church choir at age nine. The shyness he experienced in school steered him toward his passion for poetry, his first love, and he used his flair for words to catch the attention of his early love interests.

After graduating from high school, he served in the U.S. Army and was stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. While deployed in the Persian Gulf, he found himself on stage performing for the troops in his company, F Co. 227th Aviation, rapping, acting, and singing. He also wrote poetry for friends and fellow soldiers in his unit who needed that extra romantic flair to place in their letters home to their girls.

After being honorably discharged from service following the war, he continued to write poetry and songs and recorded one major demo. He published his first book, The Love Life: The Intimate Journal of Mr. Truelove in May 2014.

Eugene’s varying roles as husband, father, uncle, and friend have resulted in who he is today. In 2016 his ultimate TrueLove Experience was realized through marriage. In that role and all others, he attempts daily to exemplify the values reflected in Mr. TrueLove.

a spoken word performance

Starting a meaningful dialogue and enhancing the world through the art of poetry.


Get a taste of the TrueLove experience with his published works, including Love Life, a look into one man’s passion for love and life, and Hear I Am, a five-track compilation of music and poetry.

The TrueLove Experience

Add a new depth of emotion to your event, poetry slam, or workshop with the TrueLove Experience, an emotional and thought-provoking spoken word performance accompanied by live musicians and backup vocalists.

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